Webinar – Building Strategic Customer Assessments June 19 2P Mountain

PRESENTER: Thomas B. Cross CEO TECHtionary.comLinkedin Profile

SYNOPSIS: In this free 30-minute webinar, we will explore how selling practices whether traditional or ABM-account based marketing need to see the world through the eyes and “moccasins” of customers.  Selling must embrace who their customers sell to and help them “pull their products off the shelf” of their customers.

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We will explore the following:

1 – Customer – now and forever will always be about the customer.

2 – Content – the words, images, ideas, AI abstractions or messages you use to communicate to the customer.

3 – Channels Media – what mainstream and other media channels are customers using now and will use?

4 – Channels of Distribution – building “agile” channel models adapting to known and emerging markets.

5Connections – the means for networking with other businesses, industry, government and others. 

6Communications – the unique organization processes that occur between companies and customers.

7 – Collaboration – organizational thought leadership for content development and delivery processes.

8 – Call to Actions driving behavior without which nothing happens.

9 Crisis – chaos, buzz, glitz, squawk, gossip, glam and anything you can imagine being said for or against you.

10 Coming Sooner – the race to zero and competition is not just coming soon but sooner.

Q&A as along as it takes

Q&A as along as it takes

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