Today, a BETA test version of iSeekSugar is available to let you setup your account, add a Profile, add pics and videos to your Gallery and start looking. Chat is now working as well. Have fun!

We are working on the final touches and rules but would like to present to you our fans some thoughts. Please signup for our new newsletters, click on image.

First, both babies and daddies will pay the same small amount. The reason why both to pay is to eliminate all the “fakes, flakes, frauds and liars” from both girls and boys who seek to take advantage of the other. Far too often we have received comments from guys telling us the girls just want them to “send money” without any meetup. “I am stuck in Durango without any gas, can you help” or “Can you bail me out of jail,” “I need my meds,” are just some of hundreds of examples. Girls have also complained loudly about too many married guys who say they are single. Girls you need to realize this is not a dating site it is a sugar dating site so if you don’t get that then try the many hundreds of others or if you are just a “gold digger” looking to a man as an ATM.

Second, throughout all our real experience, research and interviews we know sugar dating works, if you work it ! Taking the time to be kind always works. Instead of working at a low paying retail, nanny, hostess, call center or other job, sugar dating is a great experience but intimacy is the trade-off. If you don’t like that part then go back to your job and find a real boyfriend. If you like intimacy and often want an experienced lover, then sugar dating offers a much greater experience and lifestyle. If you would prefer working out in the gym or on the beach, traveling and more than working, then sugar dating is worth exploring how great it can be.

Third, communication is essential whether sugar dating or any other arrangement or dating experience. Sugar dating is often far better because you both know what you are looking for and discuss that upfront. Typical dating rare has that kind of communication and you find yourself with the wrong person and no way out.

Fourth, be polite if not kind to the people you chat with. Don’t be a flake, don’t “no show” and well, just be nice and if you change your mind but adult to let the other person know. Remember, you can be removed at anytime without notice or reason given.