Accelerating Customer Performance via Strategic Customer Assessments – Webinar July 11 – 9AM Mountain


In this 30-minute webinar, we will explore the means for accelerating company performance by increasing performance of their customers using strategic assessments. Click on image to register.

Here are the Top-10 Topics presented.

1 – Customer – now and forever will always be about the customer.

2 – Content – the words, images, ideas, AI abstractions or messages you use to communicate to the customer.

3 – Channels Media – what mainstream and other media channels are customers using now and will use?

4 – Channels of Distribution – build “agile” sales channel models adapting to known and emerging markets to reduce enterprise sales cycles.

5 – Connections – the means for networking with other businesses, industry, government and others.

6 – Communications – the unique organization processes that occur between companies and customers.

7 – Collaboration – organizational thought leadership for content development and delivery processes.

8 – Call to Actions – driving behavior without which nothing happens.

9 – Crisis – chaos, buzz, glitz, hate, squawk, gossip, glam and anything you can imagine being said for or against you.

10 – Coming Sooner – the race to zero and competition is not just coming soon but sooner.

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